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PERFO-AK anchor plus

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400 x 400 x 60 mm

For installation into existing grass areas, soil and onto a prepared base

Can be top dressed with gravel, sand, soil or a mixture of these

2-tier design suppresses resurgence of mud from below. Special openings ensure effective drainage.

Grass grows quickly back through the perforations in the tile

Large ground anchors ensure best possible fixing, even in poor ground or under heavy loads

Additional reinforcement of the joints between tiles to provide even greater resistance to higher spot loads and turning forces

Technical Specifications





Closed surface area:

50% + 50% in two tiers

Surface structure:

raised profile for grip / drainage channels

Load bearing capability:

up to 100 tonnes/m²

Weight per tile:

approx 920g

Dimensions (tile):

400 x 400 x 60 mm

Dimensions (mat):

120 x 80 cm

Area per mat:

approx 0.96 m²

Weight per mat:

5.5 kg

No. of mats per pallet:


Surface area per pallet:

approx 45 m²

Weight per pallet:

approx 280 kg

Height per pallet:

approx 225 cm

Resistant to oil, solvents, salt water, most acids

UV and frost resistant

Do not rot

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PERFO-AK+ aircraft hangar apron
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PERFO-AK+ hangar apron
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PERFO-AK+ apron grass reinforcement

PERFO-AK+ is used on existing grass areas for grass reinforcement.

Typical applications include paths, parking areas, tracks, aircraft parking, taxiways & hangar aprons, helipads and equine paddocks. PERFO-AK+ tiles are also used extensively for agricultural applications for both livestock and vehicles.

PERFO-AK+ include additional reinforcement of the joints between tiles to provide even greater resistance to higher spot loads and turning forces.

PERFO tiles are designed to cut into the existing turf and therefore when installed there is no edge or voids to backfill.

Installation is normally carried out using a min 5 tonne vibro-roller and motorised rammers or larger vibrating plates over 500kg. Smaller areas can be installed with rammers and large wackers only.


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